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This is Iller intermedia

This is how we see communication: Companies should spend as much time building their brand internally as building it externally. Internal communication that works is fundamental and necessary so that the employees have the ability to contribute to the company’s business goals. Both internal and external communication are key elements in building an effective brand. Everything we do communicates.

What we do: Iller intermedia is a full-service company that specializes in internal and external communication. We also have a solid network of skilled suppliers, for example: film, livestream, web, digital graphics, SEO, layout, photography and illustrations. We help to unburden your workload, not increase it. No long meetings, no thick reports. It's easy and seamless to work with us.

Iller Intermedia is a member of the industry association Swedish PR Companies and follows its professional standards.

About Inger Lindström, founder and CEO

Inger Lindström has 30 years of experience within communication. She co-founded Vox PR & Information in 1993, where she was a partner and for many years also CEO. Inger works with everything from idea to implementation: strategy, planning and analysis of PR projects, media relations, events, crisis communication, opinion formation, media training and internal communication. The assignments come from many different branches, from private and public sector to non-profit organizations.

Most recently, Inger Lindström was assigned to Husqvarna Group as Corporate Communication Manager with a focus on internal communication.

Iller intermedia was founded in 2018.


We solve your communication challenges

What, when, how, to whom and why does your company need to communicate? We have extensive experience in communication in all its forms for all types of branches: business-to-business and consumer product companies, state and municipal authorities. The basis of our work is that we always develop tailored solutions including:

  • Create structure and clarity
  • Contribute to new innovative communication ideas and package them
  • Implement, maintain, follow-up and measure the results
  • Ease everyday life and workload for our clients

Different areas

We are problem solvers and excel in these areas:

  • Internal communication
  • Employer branding
  • External communication
  • PR, public relations
  • Tailored training; media message training, crisis communication, intensive courses in communication
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