Iller Intermedia

Iller intermedia AB is a full-service company with a solid network of talented suppliers of movies, web, layout, photo, print, and more.

All of this is the basis of Iller intermedia, with focus on internal communication and employer branding. Here is a well-stocked communicative toolbox that we always carry with us.

We are easy to collaborate with and we strive to relieve you, not to increase your workload. No long meetings, no heavy reports.

Iller means ferret in English. In Sweden, we have a saying that translates to "fast as a ferret", but the ferret is also active, curious and a persistent searcher. These are qualities that we like.

We are members of Svenska PR företagen and adhere to their professional code specific to public relations consultancy.

Inger Lindström, Founder and CEO

Inger Lindström has 30 years of experience as a consultant. In 1993, she founded Vox PR & Information where she was co-owner, but also CEO for many years. She worked with everything from idea to implementation: strategy, planning and analysis of PR projects, media relations, events, crisis communication, social communication, opinion formation, media training and internal communication. The assignments came from many different industries, both private and social sectors to non-profit organizations.

Most recently, Inger Lindström comes from Husqvarna Group and a mission as Corporate Communication Manager with focus on internal communication.

What we do

What, when, how, to whom and why does your company need to communicate? We will help you to create tailor made communications solutions and;

  • Create structure and clarity
  • Contribute with new innovative ideas
  • Ease the burden for your personal that has communication as a task
  • Make the follow up happen to measure if the goals has been reached

Different areas

What we can help you with

  • Internal communication
  • Employer branding
  • External communication
  • Public relations

Contact us

+46 (0)70 82 04 442